Preview: John Brophy’s “New Songs for the Standard Model” at Roq la Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Using a peculiar painting style very much of this time, John Brophy creates works that break the boundaries between computer generated and handmade, using digital media to inform his painting process and aesthetic. First creating his figures with CGI and then painting them entirely by hand, Brophy takes us into a haunted, glowing video game world.

Young girls are the primary subjects of his works; in his new series, math equations and glass space helmets wrap around their heads, gesturing towards their artificiality. References to Paleolithic (think large and curvy Venus of Willendorf) and Ancient Greco-Roman goddess imagery add a spiritual connotation to this sci-fi-saturated world. His solo show, “New Songs for the Standard Model,” opens at Roq la Rue tonight, November 9. Check out some of the paintings from the show below courtesy of Roq la Rue.

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