Carne Griffiths’ Ethereal, Fluid Paintings

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

British artist Carne Griffiths creates light, ethereal works using surprising media. What started out as an experiment with calligraphy inks lead to an entire palette of inks mixed with drinkable liquids such as tea, whiskey and vodka. After discovering these media in a happy accident, Griffiths began creating works with a loose sense of figuration. While female characters are at the center of his work, they become obscured in floral patterns and dripping colors, the organic, fluid quality of which tends to direct the flow of each piece. Take a look at some images of Griffith’s work courtesy of Coates and Scarry and the artist.

UPDATE: Carne Griffiths is showing in Coates and Scarry’s pop-up shop the week of November 19 at 12 Perry Road in Bristol.

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