Alexandra Levasseur’s Mood-Shifting Drawings

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

A keen observer, Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur creates drawings of female figures that respond to the nature. Since last year, she has been developing a project titled “One Drawing a Day,” which investigates the artist’s physical and emotional changes in response to her surroundings. Each piece in the series completed in roughly one day, channeling spontaneous feelings and environmental responses into the page. “When the fall comes, the body is looking for physical comfort. The feminine figures represented find themselves surrounded with wool clothes, blankets and pillows,” Levasseur wrote on her website. “‘Duvets’ and walls are covered with colorfull flower patterns, simulating spring and summer life and the warmth of the nest where to hide until the sun comes again. In the winter days, the bathtub hot water remains the best way to console the skin and bones from this unkind climate.” In her drawings and paintings, the figures appear restless and anxious; faces and limbs become doubled like fidgety motions captured in a long exposure photo. We watch these women in states of solitary yearning and get lost in their nests of patterns and textures. Take a look at some of Levasseur’s works below.

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