Preview: Christian Rex van Minnen’s “Fever Dream” at Copro Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Combining bulbous lumps of flesh, blistery bubbles and strange objects, Christian Rex van Minnen‘s (featured in our current issue) paintings have all the elements that make the skin crawl and the brow furrow. His grotesque brand of surrealism riffs on the art of the Northern Renaissance, taking inspiration from the portraiture and vanitas paintings of the likes of Pieter Breugel and Pieter Aertsen. Van Minnen’s latest solo show, “Fever Dream,” opens at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica on November 10 alongside Adam Miller’s “Among the Ruins” and Billy Norrby’s “Distant Shore.” Take a look at some of Christian Rex van Minnen’s latest works below.

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