Inside the Sketchbook of Ferris Plock

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San Francisco-based artist Ferris Plock is well known for his paintings which include cartoons and reference pop culture. He barrows from the venerable style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblocks but because of his incorporation of popular culture his work has a unique contemporary quality that makes it relevant today. Plock uses a wide variety of mediums including gold leaf and India ink to create his highly detailed paintings. Hi-Fructose featured Plock in Volume 08. See his humorous sketches and read the interview about his sketchbook and creative process below!

Have you always kept a sketchbook?
I have always drawn compulsively on anything and everything so my sketches are in sketchbooks but also scattered on thousands of pieces of paper.

Why is it important for you to keep a sketchbook?
Sketchbooks have helped me flush out ideas before committing to a painting (and getting horribly stuck). I also use it to get ideas that are making me laugh out of my head so that I concentrate on painting.

Do you often sketch out ideas before working them into finished pieces?
These days I do because I don’t get as much time in the studio as I used to and therefore have less time to freestyle.

What brand of sketchbook do you use?
Anything really… I used to only use moleskin but,  a lot of sketches are on small crappy strathmore pads….

What are some good sketchbook tips and habits that you can share with
our readers?

Always bring a pen and pad with you wherever you go. Draw all the time.

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