Brett Amory’s “Twenty-Four in San Francisco” Opening Night Photos

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

A multi-sensory experience, Brett Amory‘s solo show, “Twenty-Four in San Francisco” at Sandra Lee Gallery took the artist’s paintings beyond the 2D medium, offering viewers a collection of clues to piece together the fragmented stories that intersect in urban spaces. Amory is well-known for his portraits of unsuspecting people in states of anticipation. For his latest body of work, however, he pushed the boundaries of this concept, spending one hour each at 24 select locations in San Francisco, capturing video and collecting found objects that would later become the basis for the paintings in the show. At Sandra Lee Gallery, the collected artifacts from each location were presented in small vitrines underneath their corresponding paintings; a map with Amory’s waiting destinations was placed in the middle of the room and an iPad silently played videos from the field. Take a look at some photos from the opening night below.

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