Carlo Cane Envisions Utopian Ecosystems

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

It’s hard to believe that the gentle paintings of Italian artist Carlo Cane can be about destruction, but Cane takes a subtle approach to apprehending environmentalist ideas. In his works, the houses and skyscrapers that have usurped grasslands and forests are blown away by untamable winds or invaded by giant insects. Cane’s painting style has a nostalgic appeal reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, but his surreal juxtapositions bring us back to reality as they recall more sobering issues. Carlo Cane is getting ready for his first London solo show with the curatorial duo Coates & Scarry on October 24. Check the Coates & Scarry website for updates and take a look at some of his latest paintings, images courtesy of Coates & Scarry and Carlo Cane.

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