Preview of “Keep it Simple” Group Show at As Issued

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

David M. Cook

Tomorrow night, a new art and design bookstore, As Issued, will host its inaugural art show in Costa Mesa, CA, titled “Keep it Simple.” Curated by Kevin Peterson, the show features many pop surrealist and low brow artists we have featured in the past (including David Cook from Vol. 17, Michael Page from Vol. 19, Ana Bagayan and our own occasional contributor Nathan Spoor). While we are used to a colorful, sensory overload from new contemporary art, the show challenged artists to “keep it simple” and create works on paper that show a stripped-down version of their different aesthetics. Take a look at our preview, images courtesy of Kevin Peterson.

Katherine Brannock

Michael Page

Michael Page

Kevin Peterson

Nathan Spoor

Matt Stallings

Ana Bagayan

Gavin Wilson

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