“We Find Our Way” at Parlor Gallery

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Andy Pawlan

Recently opened at Asbury Park’s Parlor Gallery was a group exhibit featuring a menagerie of works, most of which were created using unexpected means and processes. Some of the offerings included Michael Mapes‘ intriguing collage boxes which featured tiny photographs and clippings from his journals encapsulated within clear pills and pinned in groupings to form portraits and geometric shapes. Other works ranged from tattoo-inspired, hand-carved wooden panels, obsessively beaded sculptures and cryptic texts, further illuminating either the quirky media or strange tales in which each artist presented his or her vision. View more images of the works as well as opening night photos below.

Kristen Ferrell

Bryn Perrott

Scott Albrecht

Kevin Hebb

Michael Mapes

Artist Michael Mapes

Michael Mapes detail

Artist Ray Sell

Artist Paul Romano

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