Erica Il Cane’s New Mural at FAME Festival

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This year’s FAME Festival began in Grottaglie, Italy on September 22, bringing top-notch street art talent for weeks of creativity and collaboration with local artisans. A small town known for its traditional ceramics, Grottaglie plays host to a slew of urban artists from all over the world who come to paint large-scale murals and collaborate on crafts and prints with the locals every year. Italian artist Erica Il Cane recently completed a new mural at FAME inspired by Victorian children’s book illustrations. A frequent collaborator of Blu, Erica Il Cane focuses on anthropomorphized animals in his work, creating drawings, illustrations, videos and murals with a whimsical attitude. Take a look at some photos from Erica Il Cane’s FAME mural by Henrik Haven and stay tuned for more FAME coverage on our blog in the coming days.

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