Sneak Preview of Tran Nguyen and Stella Im Hultberg’s “Borrowed Memories”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Focusing on delicate, ethereal female figures in their work, Tran Nguyen and Stella Im Hultberg make a perfect pair for their two-person show, “Borrowed Memories,” premiering at Thinkspace in Culver City on September 29. Tran Nguyen’s portraits take a baroque approach, enveloping female characters in layers of flowers and draped fabrics. Meanwhile, Stella Im Hultberg’s fresh-faced beauties become fractured on tear drop-shaped canvases, their identities obscured with geometric abstraction. Take a look at a sneak preview of some works-in-progress courtesy of Thinkspace.

Tran Nguyen:

Stella Im Hultberg:

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