Video: Giles Walker’s Animated Installation, “The Last Supper”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

As various major organized religions all over the world come into question and power structures change, it is only appropriate to look back at one’s religious heritage and examine whether or not it remains relevant to today. British artist Giles Walker recently premiered an animated installation, “The Last Supper,” at Corey Helford Gallery’s Special Exhibition Space in Culver City. A robotic reenactment of the last supper described in Christian mythology, the performance work examines the role of punishment and violence in religion.

“I decided I wanted to build the ‘Last Supper’ and, as well as create a snapshot of how I see religion in the 21st century, focus on how religion treats its children and the role they are forced to play within it,” Walker wrote on his website. “Questions are raised as to whether a religious doctrine that assumes guilt, and threatens violence and pain as a just punishment, is a good education for a young child and should it be so readily embraced.” The robotic performance we be on view at 3521 Helms Avenue in Culver City until September 22 and tickets may be purchased here. Take a look at some photos by theonepointeight from the opening night and watch a video below.

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