David Stoupakis and Matthew Bone’s Solo Shows at Last Rites Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Last weekend, Last Rites Gallery in New York opened two concurrent solo shows, Matthew Bone‘s “Raised by Wolves” and David Stoupakis’ “Ashes to Sorrow.” While Bone’s paintings pulsed with elements of pop culture — his characters’ skin appeared to glow pink as if emitted from a television set — David Stoupakis took a more gothic approach to his brand of horror in his paintings of pallid maidens. Many fellow artists attended the exhibition, and Matt Buck and Darwin Enriquez painted live. Take a look at some photos from the opening courtesy of Last Rites Gallery.

David Stoupakis, Aprella and Steve Lew (left to right)

Genevive Zacconi of Last Rites Gallery, Matthew Bone and Paul Booth

Ewelina Ferruso and friend

Travis Louie

Colin Christian and Matthew Bone chat at the opening

Les Barany

Matt Buck and Darwin Enriquez paint live

Adam Wallacavage, Eric White and David Stoupakis

Mark Elliott and Eric Richardson

Aprella and friends

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