Preview of Gregory Euclide’s Solo Show at David B. Smith Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Gregory Euclide (HF Vol.17) is an aficionado of non-traditional art materials. We were astounded by his ephemeral whiteboard artworks that he created on his short lunch breaks while on the job as a high school teacher (check it out here), so naturally his new solo show, “Observing only the ease of my own slipping toward your unknown,” opening September 15 at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, CO, caught our attention.

The show will feature a series of new works comprised of equally resourceful materials (foam, acrylic and graphite can be seen next to things like found moss and asparagus). A large-scale temporary painting from his whiteboard series, “Laid Down & Wiped Away,” will be installed in the gallery as well. In the spirit of this spontaneous and ephemeral nature of that series, portions of the paintings will be erased throughout the exhibition and the process will be documented on the gallery’s website. Take a look at some images from the show courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery.

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