Epic Tales and Fascinating Photographic Panoramas by Kahn & Selesnick

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Since 1988 artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick have been collaborating as Kahn & Selesnick on large scale multi-media projects that include the recreation of complex sweeping narratives and pseudo-documentation, elaborate photographic panoramas, paintings, books, and sculptural installations. After painting in their studios for many years the two artist decided to start exploring staged photography together. They began shooting 360 degree panoramas of elaborately detailed staged scenarios, complete with period costumes, models, and stylized props. Their extraordinary photographs have an added atmospheric realism that comes from creating site specific sets in extreem environments such as Death Valley, California and the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The resulting panoramic photographs are exceptionally long and can range anywhere from 72 inches to 600 inches in length. When exhibiting these photos the artists will often fill display cases with old artifacts, historical documents, vintage currency, and actual expedition photographs from the time-periods that they are recreating. Kahn & Selesnick are story tellers, they have a style that evokes thoughts of classic Romantic Landscapes, the Pastoral and the Sublime. Some of their dystopian productions have taken them years to complete, for example the black and white images of The Apollo Prophecies; a plight of a lost Edwardian English expedition to the Moon, took over 4 years to complete.

“How many have longed to see the lake of dreams, how many have searched for it! Many, many years ago, I too yearned to be its discoverer. Following the entwining strands of many myths, I managed to gain entrance to the other world. I wandered its deadly silences and dark depths, searching for the lake of dreams.” – Lake of Dreams by Kahn & Selesnick

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