Allyson Mellberg’s “Endogenous” at Galerie LJ

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Her second solo show with the gallery, Allyson Mellberg‘s “Endogenous” debuted last Thursday at Galerie LJ in Paris. A resident of rural Virginia and a eco-friendly art material enthusiast, Mellberg creates drawings works that deal with themes of toxicity. Her childlike characters are plagued by mysterious growths and ailments; they meander with empty expressions, as if they are unaware of their poisoned state. But despite its grotesque elements, Mellberg’s work is surprisingly sentimental and endearing with its illustrative style. Not to mention, the pieces are created with home-made pigments and drawn on recycled paper. Take a look at some images of Mellberg’s new work courtesy of Galerie LJ.

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