Preview: Dabs Myla and Sergio “Surge” Hernandez at Thinkspace

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This Saturday, the Culver City gallery Thinkspace will open two side-by-side shows, Dabs Myla and friends’ “Marvelous Expeditions” and Sergio “Surge” Hernandez‘s “Don’t Trip.” Inspired by illustration and urban art alike, the artists’ cartoony, fun-loving works are full of hidden jokes and playful juxtapositions. Dabs Myla’s (almost) solo show will be accompanied by individual works from other artists such as EINE, Tatiana Suarez, Meggs, Revok, the Yok, Stormie Mills and others. Take a look at our preview courtesy of Thinkspace.


Tatiana Suarez

The Yok

Stormie Mills

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