Brandi Milne’s “Before I Hide Away” Opening Night

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Last weekend, Corey Helford Gallery celebrated their third exhibition with artist Brandi Milne. Sold out by the time doors had opened, “Before I Hide Away” (previewed here on Hi-Fructose) sets new milestones both in style and theme for the artist. Guided by her emotions, Brandi Milne abandoned inked-outlines for a looser, candy colored representation of her signature elongated figures. “This body of work is a literal description of letting go of control,” Brandi commented.

Familiar elements of kitschy fabrics and classic cartoons, immortalized here by a snowy carnival, include performing bears and girls adorned with clown makeup. Some works are detailed with ornate lettering woven into the composition, adding to the exhibition’s narrative. In Here Alone With You, script flows from a music box and a pumpkin calls out “Hello, baby”, an ode to the ever present playful side of Brandi’s artwork. “Before I Hide Away” by Brandi Milne will be on view at Corey Helford Gallery, August 11 – September 5, 2012. – Caro

Photo by Sam Graham

Photo by Sam Graham

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