Preview of Eddie Colla, Hugh Leeman and David Young’s “Epilogue”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Three of the Bay Area’s most prolific street artists, David Young (aka D Young V), Hugh Leeman and Eddie Colla are a politically-minded bunch. Working primarily with stylized portraiture, the three artists each deal with distinct issues that trouble them — from homelessness to war — in their respective bodies of work. Young, Leeman and Colla are currently building installations and creating two-dimensional works for their upcoming show, “Epilogue,” at Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles. The artists will transform the gallery space to present an apocalyptic vision of the world — what the artists see as an inevitable post-global warming, post-nuclear war collapse.

“These pieces are meant to raise questions on corporate behemoths considered ‘to big to fail,’ the fragility of our environment, and the invasion of our privacy that is sold to corporations and spearheaded by social media,” commented Hugh Leeman on is works, which are created from billboard ads he ripped down on nighttime wheatpasting outings. “These pieces are an expression of the sublime, they are a portrait of the 21st century in both message and medium.” Take a look at some photos of the artists’ works in progress by Shaun Roberts and make sure to catch the opening on September 8.


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