Ethan Murrow’s Theatrical Graphite Drawings and Lithographs

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Antecedent, two color stone and plate lithograph, 2012

Working primarily with graphite on paper, Ethan Murrow creates some amazingly realistic drawings, often of the male figure who seems prone to dysfunctionality. His work resonates with overall feelings of pensive humor and theatricality. Murrow has lead a distinguished career thus far and is currently working and teaching in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently writes for the Huffington Post and often collaborates with other artists in the process of creating films and performances.

Murrow talks about where the work is coming from in the following statement. “These are cautionary tales, cynical nods to the pitfalls of egotism and obsessive drive. Since I often play the central character in these dramas I intentionally implicate myself in the conflagration that the protagonists create around themselves.” Quote by Ethan Murrow

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