The Art of Andy Ristaino

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Experimenting with abstraction, illustrator Andy Ristaino combines a variety of flat shapes to create creatures and human characters that do not resemble the natural world. His characters coalesce into recognizable forms whose simple body shapes are filled with so much attitude and personality that their physical shapes tell stories about who they are. In addition to his personal art work, Ristaino’s credits include lead designer for the popular cartoon Adventure Time, and in his spare time he avidly doodles new characters.

“Getting a job in character design at Cartoon Network really helped remind me of one of my favorite things to do while drawing: riffing on ideas about form and shape. I started doing these doodles on the bus to work in my sketchbook as a way to get warmed up on drawing before I start my day,” said Ristaino about his new works. “It was about an hour bus ride so I would pick a subject and just riff on it to see how many different ideas I could come up with. Eventually I had enough to compile into a zine. I’ve decided to try to do one a year. My first character design zine was filled with people from the future. This year’s theme was Creatures. I think next years will be robots.”

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