Colin Christian and RISK at Corey Helford Gallery Opening Night Photos

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Recently at Corey Helford Gallery, Colin Christian and RISK debuted their two-person show (previewed here on the blog). Both drawing from pop culture, the two artists created works that mixed childhood nostalgia for toys and cartoons with sophisticated sculpture and mixed-media techniques.

Christian’s sculptures of Barbie-like women dressed like intergalactic soldiers from the future towered over the viewers with an uncanny lifelikeness. Meanwhile, RISK’s busy mixed-media paintings hearkened back to his graffiti days. The artist created metal panels made of license plates that gave his work a texture that recalls outdoor surfaces. Take a look at some opening night photos by Sam Graham.

RISK and Colin Christian

Chet Zar and Brandi Milne

Colin and Sas Christian

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