The Art of Louise Hindsgavl

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

The alternative porcelain/ceramic art movement has been running rampant beneath our feet for some time but aside from a few names like Charles Kraft or Jeff Koons, oddly still some people are familiar with this very well established platform. Alongside the work of ceramic/porcelain artists such as Barnaby Barford, Harma Heikens or Brendan Tang that Hi-Fructose has featured is fine artist Louise Hindsgavl.

Usually glazed in pure white, Danish Sculptor Louise Hindsgavl‘s work contains a perverse sense of forbidden sexuality in its delicate demeanor. Featuring a cast of characters with robust human bodies wearing duck and bunny masks, the mysterious figures have an air of creepiness reminiscent of David Lynch’s films. Hindsgavl’s use of traditional ceramic techniques and pristine craftsmanship creates a surprising juxtaposition with her surreal subject matter. Because of the sculptures’ low contrast, the viewer must search for the details and piece together the narrative within the fantastical, sometimes disturbing compositions. Take a look at some images courtesy of the artist. 

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