Luke Caulfield’s “Second Hand” Preview

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Opening tonight at the Lazarides art space Rathbone Place in London, Luke Caulfield‘s solo show “Second Hand” marries 1970s artists’ fascination with neon light sculpture and the art of the baroque. Caulfield renders rays of colorful light peaking out of dark crevices; mysterious, solitary figures are illuminated, dark forests and hidden chambers erupt with glowing colors. The masterful placement of unconventional light sources in his compositions endows the work with a sense of secrecy.

Caulfield’s references to Renaissance-era religious paintings links the neon lights with the supernatural, as if the bright rays emitted from undisclosed origins could be seen as a visualization of a divine intervention or a spiritual presence. Take a look at some images from the series courtesy of Lazarides and Luke Caulfield.

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