Pablo Milicua’s Collages and Paintings of Strange Places

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In his collages and paintings, Pablo Milicua cobbles together tiny pieces of architectural sites and impressive natural phenomena until they come something unrecognizable yet strangely familiar. Alluding to the blatantly artificial neo-classical movie sets of early cinema, Milicua’s creations offer picturesque views so grandiose and flat that they break any illusion of reality. It’s easy to get lost looking at the minuscule pieces that comprise each work and wonder where each one might have come from, as none of them quite fit in their new context yet somehow stabilize into a cohesive whole. Milicua will have work in the group show “Magicland” at Galeria Contrast in Barcelona featuring Hi-Fructose favorite Sergio Mora as well as Lusesita, Rafel Bestard and Zaza Papidze. Take a look at some images courtesy of the artist.


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