Hi-Fructose Signings and Exclusives at SDCC

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Once again, Hi-Fructose journeys to San Diego to be an Oasis of Chaos of art for SDCC attendees. This year we have signings and special exclusives from Luke Chueh, Junko Mizuno, Audrey Kawasaki and Attaboy, as well as a supply of rare back issues, prints, and special items from the archives. Come by and say hello at our corner booth #4939 and see our complete schedule/details below!

BOOTH #4939
Wednesday: Preview Night: Score rare Hi-Fructose back issues, and rare prints from the archives.

Thursday 12 pm: Attaboy release/signing of Punchy the Clown by Dudebox $50 Plus Green and Blue Glow Axtrx, Artist Proof Dunnys, and Black and Pink Fuzzy (Flocked) Axtrx Figures from the archives! As well as Atta’s new kids book about Polka Dots.

Thursday: 3:30 pm- 5pm: Luke Chueh signs wood prints. Edition of 40 $60 limit 1 per person.
*Signed Items limited to Wood Prints Plus one other item with purchase of Wood Print.

Friday: 3 pm-5pm: Junko Mizuno HF exclusive signing.
Junko signs wood prints edition of 50 $60 limit 1 per person.
*Signed Items limited to Wood Prints plus one other item with purchase of Wood Print.

Saturday: 11:30-1:30 and 3pm: Audrey Kawasaki signs print cards for “Lili and her Ghosts” and Hi-Fructose Books.
12×12″ edition of 200 $85 limit 2 per person
14×14″ edition of 30 $200 limit 1 per person.
And Hi-Fructose coll.2 Books and HF Coll.2 Box Sets: $40/$60

*Signed items are strictly limited to those above.




Luke Chueh

Junko Mizuno

Audrey Kawasaki

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