Gregory Euclide’s “Laid Down & Wiped Away” Series

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While on the job as a high school teacher in Minnesota, artist Gregory Euclide (Hi-Fructose vol. 17) began creating ephemeral paintings on whiteboards during his 25-minute lunch periods as a way to push the boundaries of creativity in the classroom. The ongoing series of works, titled “Laid Down & Wiped Away,” features delicately rendered landscapes smudged with sweeping arcs and dotted with geometric forms. Euclide’s impressively resourceful works have now been documented as prints using Sumi ink on dry erase board, which David B. Smith Gallery in Denver has recently released along with portfolios chronicling the project. Take a look at some more images courtesy of Gregory Euclide and David B. Smith Gallery.

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