The Art of Faring Purth

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

The Carrot Seed

In contrast to the femme fatales and model-esque classical beauties found in many paintings, Faring Purth’s female characters appear decaying and decrepit at a first glance. Splotches of color coalesce to form figures caught in the cycle of life somewhere between death and rebirth. The protagonists of the paintings appear to be in a state of transformation; they reference the generative powers of femininity rather than painting the woman as a beauty icon. Purth recently traveled around the country creating large-scale murals, but currently focuses her energy on her studio work for her solo show at Anno Domini in San Jose, CA in August.


Untitled in progress

Your Heart is a Diamond

Delera, first installment of the Deleras series in Boston, MA.

Lu in Brooklyn, NY.

Patricia the Beater (part of the Deleras series) in New Orleans, LA. Photo by Zack Smith.

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