Inside the Sketchbook of Dan Quintana

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Dan Quintana, a talented and imaginative painter from Los Angeles, CA, has given Hi-Fructose access to his sketchbook for our ongoing Inside the Sketchbook series. Quintana’s surrealistic paintings are filled with vivid and eerie symbolism. His dreamy visions are beautifully executed in a way that is reminiscent of the great Dutch and Flemish masters. These exquisitely rendered paintings seem to speak to both the hostility and venerably of humanity simultaneously. I recently met with Quintana and asked him to tell us a little about his imaginative process.

Have you always kept a sketchbook?


Why is it important for you to keep a sketchbook?

I’ve always looked at sketches as screenshots of the artists mind. Without the foundation, the idea, the composition, the lighting/color notes, the way the art now becomes a physical form laid out in front of you, the artist can sometimes become lost during the process of conjuring up those screenshots. Depending on the artists approaching style to the final outcome. It is important for those more in tune with visual concepts.

Do you often sketch out ideas before working them into finished pieces?

Yes. From time to time, I also find myself free-styling some of my paintings without a preliminary study.

What brand of sketchbook do you use?

Primarily, Strathmore. Although on the occasion that I find myself in public with an idea brewing, the blank side of a good business card tends to come in quite handy & just about as reliable.

What are some good sketchbook tips and habits that you can share with our readers?

Ask not what your sketch can do for you…ask what you can do for your sketch.

The Cozen Den, 2011, Oil on wood, 48 x 96 inches.

See a few ink works and sketches in this animated clip by Quinetana below.

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