Galerie LJ’s Summer Group Show

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Tonight, Galerie LJ in Paris will debut their summer group show, “Estivale 2012,” featuring new works from a diverse, albeit small, group of European and American painters and sculptors. Among the 2D works, French duo Supakitsch’s new piece mixes elements of anime, folk art and design in a vibrant alchemy of detail. Anne Geoffroy’s pristine, minimalist graphite drawings of wistful children also caught our eye, as well as AJ Fosik’s (vol. 18) geometric monster heads. 

The complete list of exhibiting artists includes: Alix Marie, Anne Geoffroy, AJ Fosik, Antoine Corbineau, Brendan Monroe, Quentin Garel and Supakitsch. Take a look our preview, images courtesy of Galerie LJ.

Alix Marie

Anne Geoffroy

Antoine Corbineau

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