“Taboo” Group Show at Last Rites Gallery

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Beau White

Lovers of all things morbid, Last Rites Gallery in New York will open “Taboo” on July 7, a group show that encourages artists to explore the forbidden. Sticking loosely to the theme, the impressive collection of works carries dark undertones that hint at sexuality, violence and ritual.

The complete list of exhibiting artists includes: Dave Cooper, Chris Mars, Chet Zar, Peter Gric, Saturno Butto, Turf One (Jean Labourdette), Carrie Anne Baade, Pamela Wilson, Naoto Hattori, Gregory Jacobsen, Scott G Brooks, Barnaby Whitfield, Scott Scheidly, Dan Ouellette, Matt R Martin, Billy Reynolds, Bruce Eichelberger, Larkin, Lily Mae Martin, Sandra Yagi, David Choquette, Charles Pfahl, Vincent Castiglia, Hector Javier Ramirez, Beau White, Jana Brike, Jeffrey Richter, Dietmar Gross, Rachel Bess, Jeff Christensen, Sarah Petruziello, Alexandra Manukyan, Steven Kenny, Ville Lopponen, Jason Montinola, Lee Roswell, Karl Persson, Alejandro Barron, Erik Thorsandberg, Fred Harper, Stephanie Henderson, Macsorro, Heather Nevay, Craig LaRotonda, Caitlin Hackett, Ben Smith, Stephen Somers, Adrian Borda, Dale Keogh, Murielle Belin, Rory Coyne, Sean Chappell, Rodrigo Cifuentes and Kikyz1313. Take a look at some images courtesy of Last Rites Gallery and check their website later this week for more previews.

Naoto Hattori

Chris Mars


Peter Gric

Deitmar Gross

David Choquette

Saturno Butto

Stephanie Henderson

Barnaby Whitfield

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