Studio Visit with Doubleparlour

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

We were fascinated by Doubleparlour‘s miniature sculptures of disillusioned children when we introduced them in Hi-Fructose vol. 22. The husband-and-wife duo (comprised of Cassandra and Ernie Velasco) is currently preparing for the July 5 opening of their show at Spoke Art with Jonas Lofgren and Luke Chueh, and they invited us into their studio to take a look at their latest creations. 

Doubleparlour’s new work has taken a decidedly more fantastical bend than what we previously saw. The Velascos could hardly hold back their smiles as they explained the  sci-fi thriller-esque narratives they imagined for the pieces while sculpting them from resin, lovingly sanding and painting them. Take a look at some photos from the visit.

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