Kenji Yanobe’s Post-Apocalyptic Installations

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Kenji Yanobe is an artist that expresses great interest in the various functions of art in society. For a long time the central theme of his imaginative and large scale installations has been the dangers of nuclear power. The recent Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan adds new relevance to his work. His figure Sun Child was recently installed in the gardens of Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum in Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama district. The enormous figure is dressed in a bright yellow hazmat suit and is depicted wearing a Geiger-counter. Yanobe’s work is an open ended dialogue about the natural “true sun” and the “fake sun” of nuclear power. His work often includes industrial elements such as steel, plastic, rubber, and even a water-Tesla coil. Watch the following video to see a brief chronology his work including the assembly of Sun Child.


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