Souther Salazar’s “You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)”

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Outside the World is Crumbling

Tracing the journey of two anonymous protagonists through a whimsical, imaginary world, Souther Salazar‘s latest body of work is as heartwarming as it is visually striking. In his latest solo show, “You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)” at Narwhal Projects in Toronto, he combines the narrative aspect of childrens’ book illustrations with abstraction and starkly contrasting contrasting color combinations that give the paintings a glowing effect. 

On the show’s opening day, June 16, Salazar launched “The Trading Tortoise Project,” a collaborative installation with Monica Choy. The duo will be traveling around North America (perhaps something like the two traveling protagonists in his paintings) and setting up the installation as a trading post where people can come barter objects for any of the treasures the artists will find or trade on their journey. They will be keeping a blog and creating art work on the way, and Salazar will use their experience as inspiration for his solo show at Jonathan Levine Gallery next year. Take a look at some images from Salazar’s solo show courtesy of Narwhal Projects and look out for news about his traveling art project on “The Trading Tortoise Project” blog.

You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)

We Wonder What They See

Of Turtles and Snails

Growing Leaves

A Flower Cocoon 

Moon Tower

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