“Notorious” at Modern Eden

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

There is something alluring about deviants that fascinates even those who stay on the straight-and-narrow as far as adhering to social norms is concerned. Modern Eden in San Francisco recently called on artists from around the world to revel in the dark side and create portraits of infamous historical figures for the group show “Notorious,” which we previewed here. From basketball players to dictators to authors, incendiary personalities of all stripes were represented by artists like Lee Harvey Roswell, John Wentz, Bradley Platz and many others. Take a look at opening night photos courtesy of Ken Harman.

John Wentz in front of his portrait of William Burroughs

Akira Beard with his portrait of Johanna Van Gogh, Van Gogh

Detail from Aaron Hodges’ portrait of Joan of Arc, Inspired by Voice

Jaxon Northon with his portrait of John Brown

Detail from Calvin Lai’s portrait of Charles Bukowski, Burning in Water


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