The Art of Eckart Hahn

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Katze vor Blau

Using acrylic as his chosen medium, German painter Eckart Hahn creates large-scale canvases that can make you imagine the crinkling sound of a deflated birthday balloon. His ability to precisely render textures and fabrics defies the boundaries between the senses, making the viewer feel as if he or she can feel and hear the flowing sheets of plastic rub against a crow’s soft feathers or a cat’s rippling fur.

The snapshot quality of Hahn’s realistic compositions creates the sensation of watching an animal barge in on what was a carefully-arranged still life. Yet, the animals exude an aura of calm, as if they are at peace with these odd plastic habitats. Take a look at some images courtesy of Pablo’s Birthday.


Two Towers



Alb XI


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