The Airy Nature Paintings of Sage Vaughn

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Light and ethereal, Sage Vaughn‘s mixed media paintings zero in on birds and butterflies, endowing these creatures’ lives with a rich subjectivity through a palette of pastel colors. Sometimes Vaughn (whose collages and tapestries we featured earlier this year) paints the animals on plain backgrounds, while other times the brightly-colored protagonists of his work fly over dusty backgrounds of an outside world subsumed by grey paint.

Many of the butterflies bleed dripping paint, perhaps a reminder to the viewer that they are a fictional creation of beauty, an idealization of the natural world. Zero + Publishing will release a book of Sage Vaughn’s work designed by Blaine Fontana of Fontana Studios. Check the Zero + Publishing website for news about the release date and take a look at some of Vaughn’s work, images courtesy of the artist.

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