Jason DeCaires Taylor and Fulvio Di Piazza’s solo shows at Jonathan Levine Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Vicissitudes by Jason DeCaires Taylor

On June 30, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York will debut two solo exhibitions that imagine epic, apocalyptic visions by Jason DeCaires Taylor and Fulvio Di Piazza. Photographer, sculptor and naturalist Jason DeCaires Taylor will be exhibiting haunting photos of his underwater sculptures in “Human Nature.” His life-like, stone figures appear sullen and haunting at a first glance, like petrified bodies preserved underwater in a sci-fi disaster video game. However, Taylor’s work speaks to the beauty of the cycle of life. Some of his sculptures have come to form parts of coral reefs, coexisting harmoniously with the ecosystem.

Fulvio Di Piazza’s show “Ashes to Ashes” features a series of paintings of a primordial Earth, where natural materials are anthropomorphized to form god-like heads. Volcanoes erupt and clouds of smoke billow to create animal and human shapes. Di Piazza’s dark, aggressive works invite us into a fantasy world that precedes civilization. Take a look at some images courtesy of Jonathan Levine Gallery and make sure to check out the opening next week.

Liar by Fulvio Di Piazza

La Promesa by Jason DeCaires Taylor

Hooks by Fulvio Di Piazza

Silent Evolution by Jason DeCaires Taylor

Labyrinthfish by Fulvio Di Piazza

The Lost Correspondent by Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Patience of the Enemy by Jason DeCaires Taylor


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