The Art of Christophe Avella-Bagur

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Christophe Avella-Bagur in his studio

The artworks of French painter and performance artist Christophe Avella-Bagur, with their clean, white backgrounds and anatomically-exact human figures, have something of a futuristic quality. The clinical precision of his paintings allows us to imagine a world where science has advanced to the point that we are able to create the perfect human beings. Each character appears to be in a state of transformation, as if their face serves as a blank slate for a new identity.

However, Avella-Bagur’s work has a spiritual dimension, as well. The changing identities of the people he paints seem to get at metaphysical questions about the formation of the self. The artist’s self portrait can be caught in some of the works, adding a personal dimension to this series. Take a look at some images courtesy of the artist.

Black Manner 2

The Obscure and the Reason

Wide Eyes Open on Future

Release of the Black Hole

My New Surgery

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