Laurent Chehere’s flying houses

by Annie OwensPosted on

Last month, the Biennale des Createurs d’Images 2012 in Paris showcased 200 works by professional artists of photography, multimedia and illustration. Of these artists, Laurent Chehere captivated many with his flying houses. Chehere, an award-winning photographer with a penchant for architecture and travel, used traditional photography and digital manipulation to create this personal series, which serve as metaphors for travel.

“He shows us his poetic vision of weary houses, emerging from the anonymity of their streets to show us their hidden beauty.” Each house’s architectural style seems to assign it an individual personality. Though all are unique, they seem similar in that they are suburban, all with their own sets of baggage, responsibilities and troubles; and all appearing to lift off from where they once were bound. This series is particularly appealing to the dreamers and travelers much like Chehere himself.

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