Artists collaborate with non-profit for “No Can Left Behind”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

It’s a rare occurrence when the graffiti community rallies around a cause as a united front. But despite their various styles and ideologies, most graffiti and street artists discovered their passion when they held their first few spray cans, which are the main attraction of the Canlove show, “No Can Left Behind,” at 941Geary Gallery in San Francisco. Though advertised as a solo show by the L.A.-based graffiti recycling organization, the diverse line-up of participating artists that collaborated with the non-profit included EINE, Risk, Hush, Kofie, Chor Boogie, APEX, Chad Hasegawa, Neon, Niels Shoe Muelman, Codak, Haste, Mearone, KrushTWS and PeopleLA. The artists resourcefully transformed 1,500 unusable cans (ahem, “can-vases”) donated by MTN Colors into a variety of paintings and sculptures. Check out our opening reception photos from last Saturday night courtesy of Ken Harman. 

Canlove collaborations with Kofie, Codak and APEX (left to right.)

Canlove collaboration with Word to Mother

Canlove collaboration with KrushTWS


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