“Ink Moon” by Usugrow Opens this Weekend at StolenSpace Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This Friday at StolenSpace Gallery in London, Japanese artist Usugrow will open his solo show, “Ink Moon.” The black and white skulls that dominate most of his works are created with sweeping, curved lines reminiscent of the grace and ease of the strokes in Japanese calligraphy. Usugrow cites punk rock, Los Angeles Cholo graffiti and traditional Asian art as his influences; his work is a distinct blend of these modes of typography, though it can’t be identified with either one of them at a first glance. The skulls appear elegant yet macabre, each one accompanied by strands of hair or feathers that give it a sense of lightness. Take a look at a few images from the show courtesy of StolenSpace Gallery.

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