“The Ace Is Wild” Group Exhibition with Artists Mu Pan, John Haverty and Richard Kirk

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The Long March (panel 1) by Mu Pan

Mu Pan, John Haverty and Richard Kirk are three talented artists that all work with ballpoint pens, inks, watercolors, a few brushes and large paper. Their group exhibition entitled The Ace Is Wild opens at Copro Gallery this Saturday evening. The exhibition runs from June 16 through July 7. Click here to see the show preview.


The Long March (panel 2) by Mu Pan



The Long March (panel 3) by Mu Pan


Mu Pan was born 1976 in Taiwan as a child of a military family his favorite artistic subjects are the history of China mixed with fantastic terror scenarios of warriors fighting with dogs, frogs and other strange-animal-human mutations. It brings to mind characters from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch in a disjointed modern world.


Toad Licking by John Haverty

John Haverty was born in Boston, Massachusetts,but travelled through thirty-four countries on five continents before his twenty-third birthday. He states that these experiences abroad helped shape and influence the diverse body of work that he currently illustrates and paints. “When it comes to art-making, both my process and subject matter are inspired by what I am deeply afraid of. I despise the dark, but am a nocturnal worker. Solitude unsettles me, but I deliberately work in lonely environments. Much of the imagery in my work has a nautical feel, yet I have an irrational fear of water, with all of its mystery, its alien creatures, the threat of drowning to death. Paper is the space in which I feel most free to confront, explore, even play with these taboo fascinations.”


Peering into Darkness by Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk is a visual artist, illustrator, and author living in Canada. He actively shows in Canada, USA and Europe, and has works in many private collections throughout the world. He has illustrated works by Clive Barker, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Christopher Golden, China Mieville, and others. Richard created the artwork for the eighth CD by the rock band Korn.


Frog War by Mu Pan



Frog War by Mu Pan


Deer Hunter Series by Mu Pan



Deer Hunter Series by Mu Pan


Strange Days by John Haverty


Pug by John Haverty


Offbeat Hinterlands by John Haverty


Emissions of Hypocrisy by Richard Kirk


Unaccountable Absence of the Wastrel by Richard Kirk


Harrowing Sediment by Richard Kirk


Savage Sideshow by Richard Kirk

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