“Notorious” Group Show Opens at Modern Eden This Weekend

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

H.H. Holmes, portrait of H.H. Holmes by Lee Harvey Roswell
This Saturday at San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery, a large line-up of up-and-coming and established artists will be showing works in “Notorious,” a group exhibition that examines some of history’s most infamous characters. Between pop culture deviants with cult followings like Sid Vicious to ruthless monarchs such as Napoleon, the badasses whose stories have survived the tides of time will be represented through a variety of stylized portraits. Artists whom we’ve spotlighted recently on the blog (including John Wentz, Akira Beard and Lee Harvey Roswell) will be showcasing their unique styles. The complete line-up includes: Aaron Hodges, Akira Beard, Albert Ramos, Bradley Platz, Brian Polett, Calvin Lai, Daniel J. Valadez, Damir Simic, Derek Harrison, Emilio Villalba, Hugh Leeman, Jaxon Northon, John Wentz, Jules Kmetzo, Justin Loney, Lance Hewison, Laura Buss, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leilani Bustamante, Michael Ryan, Paul Morin, Rachel Moseley, Robert Bowen and Sidarth Chaturvedi.


Vicious, portrait of Sid Vicious by Laura Buss


A Season in Hell, portrait of Arthur Rimbaud by Leilani Bustamante


The Apparition, portrait of Napoleon by Lance Hewison


William Burroughs, portrait of William Burroughs by John Wentz


The Hunter, portrait of Hunter S. Thompson by Robert Bowen

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