The Art of Lee Harvey Roswell

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on


Adamantly against superficial trendiness, Lee Harvey Roswell views his vocation as a painter with an almost religious seriousness. As he explains in his artist’s statement, a painter has an almost mystical duty to create new realities out of the chaos we find ourselves in. “So, as pictorial illusionists transforming nothing into artifacts of spiritual sustenance, I’m holding the potential painter up, not just as an admirable tradesman, but much, much more. He resides as a high-priest over that all-devouring human reality, a conducting channel through which nothing triumphantly becomes something,” Roswell writes. His paintings appear to tap into the fourth dimension, where space and time coexist as one entity. Precisely painted forms stretch across his canvasses, captured in a state of perpetual transformation before our eyes. Using the techniques and color palette of 19th-century realism, Roswell creates entrancing visions of the reality within his imagination. Take a look at some of his work, images courtesy of the artist.




Oh Death


Money Splits





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