The Art of Jason Limon

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Sanguine Fall

Though dark and gloomy at a first glance, Jason Limon’s paintings reject the Western notion of death as something to be feared. Instead, Limon portrays skulls as part of a regenerative cycle, inspiring hope for a new beginning with bouncy organic forms that spring from hollow eye-sockets or emerge from the shadows. Many of his works feature goddess-like female figures in elegant gowns. These characters seem to harness the powers of nature; aloe shapes float around them and their gowns are composed of coils resembling vines creeping up the side of a building. The light in Limon’s paintings recalls a forest at dusk; the dimly lit figures connote a sense of secrecy, like a hushed whisper in a ritualistic space. Limon has many shows lined up for the summer, including the “I Like Soup” group show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, “Bottanica” at Genome Gallery in Columbus, OH and San Diego Comic-Con later this summer. Take a look at some images courtesy of the artist.






Atropa Dunny


Luna Color


Skull Serpent


Blood Blossom

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