Olek, Curran & Brilliant “Make Ends Meet”

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Bull by Olek  

Jonathan Brilliant, Mathew Curran and Olek “Make Ends Meet” is opening this Friday at Flanders Art Gallery. “There’s no retirement for an artist; it’s your way of living, so there’s no end to it.” – Henry Moore

Moore’s words outline art making not simply as profession, but as compulsion. “Make Ends Meet” is an exhibition that celebrates the repetition of a daily grind, as it features the incredibly inventive, yet remarkably labor-intensive works of Jonathan Brilliant, Mathew Curran, and Olek. Only compulsion could inspire these artists to employ the countless connections, cuts, and knots necessary to create their works.

Untitled by Jonathan Brilliant
Jonathan Brilliant’s oeuvre appropriates the throwaway accessories of the coffee shop – the wooden stirrers, the cardboard sleeves, and the plastic lids – to create tension-woven installations and an assortment of prints inspired by those installations.



Olek has spent the past decade in America “aggressively re-weaving the world as she sees fit.” She describes her own compulsion best when she writes, “A loop after loop. Hour after hour my madness becomes crochet.”


Mathew Curran


The Thoughts by Mathew Curran
Mathew Curran has spent years exploring the potential in stencil art. An art form that offers technical possibilities of traditional printmaking and also represents a form of urban art, each stencil requires hours of cutting with an unforgiving X-acto blade.

This exhibition runs from June 1 – July 21, 2012. Written by Lauren Turner

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