The Art of Edgar “Bacalao” Argaez

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Teaming with heavy, swirling lines, the biomorphic forms of Edgar “Bacalao” Argaez seem to pulsate with life on the wall and the canvas. Shapes flow from one figure into the other, transmitting a sense of constant evolution despite the static nature of his chosen media. A skilled printmaker and street artist, Bacalao borrows from mythology to create his own version of a primordial world. There is something of Goya’s Saturn Devouring his Son and a hint of The Great Wave off Kanagawa in his work, but these classicist and traditional Japanese influences are spun into works that are dark, moody and contemporary. Bacalao is based in Monterrey, Mexico and is quickly becoming one of the more promising voices in Mexico’s burgeoning street art scene. Take a look at some of his latest outdoor pieces as well as his multi-layered prints and acrylic scratch paintings, images courtesy of the artist.













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