Jason D’Aquino “Phillumeny” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

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The miniaturist Jason D’Aquino’s new “Phillumeny” show is opening Friday, June 1st at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. This exhibition will feature his meticulously detailed graphite renderings on ‘found canvases’ such as vintage matchbook and other found surfaces. D’Aquino is an avid collector of paper objects from the past and through his work seems to rediscover history as he toys with the mystery of these strange and subtle objects. Surprisingly, he does not spend much time in antique stores, but instead prefers to search through outdoor markets or abandoned buildings to find the perfect destination for his surreal characters. D’Aquino was interviewed by Annie Owens in Hi-Fructose, Volume 6 which is now available in our HF Collected Edition.







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