Kevin E. Taylor’s “Kounter Part” at Guerrero Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Animals are confined within construction materials and paintings explode onto the walls in Kevin E. Taylor’s solo show “Kounter Part,” currently on display at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Wolves, sharks and other majestic beasts clash with geometric elements; their eerie, desolate natural habitats run amuck with the evidence of human activity. Taylor’s work confronts the viewer with the unseen environmental damage caused by civilization’s expansion. To accompany the paintings, the artist created wooden structures around the space to encapsulate gallery-goers and place them within the environment the animals in the pieces experience. The empty, dreamlike compositions not only allude to the animals’ suffering but also reflect the incomprehensibleness of nature for those of use sheltered in our urban living spaces. Take a look at some opening night photos.

Artist Kevin Taylor













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